A new job.
Loss of a loved one. 
A child going off to college.
Entering a new relationship.
Wanting to reach a new goal weight. 

All of these milestones mark a season of change and transition, and often these life events can stir up fear within us, wreaking havoc on our health. 

But as The Truth is told in God’s Word, we are reminded that fear will happen, but we mustn’t let it overwhelm nor overcome us.

Did you know that the expression is “Do not fear” is used 365x in The Bible? That’s a daily dose of denouncing the devil, sunshine! 

Instead, we must focus on God’s promises. My three favorite (and I hope you adopt at least one of them when you feel fear rising) are: 

   He will never leave us nor forsake us… (Duet 31:8)

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid…The Lord God is with you wherever you go. (Josh 1:9)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

I especially love this last one because it shares what we’ve been gifted in fear’s place–love and a sound mind! 

One of my favorite pastors, John Gray of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, shares that must keep our fears underfoot and never let them rise to eye level.

He alters the famous expression and notes that we should “faith our fears” (not face them), removing their power over us by keeping them in their rightful place–below us! How awesome is that!? 

I absolutely love this because it puts fear in its place–beneath you!

You are stronger, you are more powerful, and you have the best tools (God’s Word!) to overcome any fear that every rears its ugly head in your direction.

Worry, anxiety, stress.
They do not hold a candle to your strength, your power, or your might–all of which have been made alive through your belief that God can and will fight all of your battles if you choose to faith your fears. 

With courageous love,