Hey, sunshine!
I offered a live workshop series last week entitled My heart and health are in Your Hands! 
I received lots of great feedback from the 4-part series and several requests from participants to share with family, friends and even small group members.
As a result, I am offering the recorded sessions–they are about 20 minutes each–to you in case you missed the live sessions or would like to share them, too.
The 4-part series includes exploring beliefs around weight loss, integrating scripture into daily health choices, and your ever-evolving relationship with food and your body.
To sign up for the playbacks or to share this email with others, please click the link below and enter your name and email address to begin receiving the recordings to your inbox today.
All of my best for a great week, sunshine!

P.S. Be sure to have a pen, journal and your Bible handy before listening to each recording.
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