I have seriously had this song on repeat for the last week.
I must’ve listened to it 1,012 times.

No jokes

Here are a few reasons I love this song so:

  1. “Bless Me” was a joint project between the oh-so-talented Maverick City and Kirk Franklin. I love them independently but even more so, I celebrate that they combined their talents instead of competing with one another! Let’s go, Kingdom builders!


  2. The video of the particular song of which I’m obsessed (click here to listen when you’re finished reading this blog) is recorded as the largest prison event in history. 1,300 inmates gathered to worship Jesus, y’all!
    Can I get an “AMEN!”?


  3. The repetition makes the song catchy and the lyrics easy to remember. Trust me–you’ll hit repeat a few times yourself.


  4. It is a great song for a drumstick workout! (This will be debuted at the upcoming Equipped retreat–get ready for some quad burn, ladies!)


  5. The message is clear: God showers you with blessing and favor so that you can in turn bless and shine favor upon others. Whadduthinkaboutthat, friend?!

I invite you to join my obsession and add to the YouTube views of “Bless Me” then pray the words of the song with your own specific prayers. LMK your thoughts after you binge; comment down below

I travel full time and sleep in lots of hotels, Airbnbs, and guest rooms in homes of friends & families. Two things I always do when I am settling in:

1. pray in my prayer language
2. anoint the space with oil. 

I tell you what,  I can’t remember my last bad night sleep. 

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