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We live in a fast paced world, and when we function in fast gear, we don’t always make the best decisions. Instead we get caught up in our emotions and give them permission to take control of us.
But, as you are well aware, leading with your emotions can wreak havoc on your health.
Think about the last time you were stressed, sunshine. What were the effects?  Loss of sleep. Irritability. Weight gain. Hair loss. Skin outbreaks. Shingles. While some of these are extreme, these are but a few of the effects that stress can have on the body.
And even “happy” feelings of joy and excitement can impact your health–thankfully for the better!
What’s important to note is that you have the ability to harness your power and gain control of your emotions so that you are able to make healthy choices–even in the face of fear or in the most stressful of circumstances.
If your emotions have gotten the best of you and your health has been impacted as a result, then I invite you to join Workout in The Word–a 40-day virtual group program using God’s Word to support you–spirit, mind, and body.

Workout in The Word is NOT a weight loss program with weekly weigh-ins or a personal trainer you meet 1x a week.
Workout in The Word is a 40-day program that supports you making lifestyle changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and routines that align with God’s Word so that you are able to sustain weight loss for life.

The fall session, Hooked on a Feeling–How to control your feelings so they don’t control you, begins the week of September 12 and space is limited to 25 women.
I’d love to help you gain control of your emotions while you lose the weight of stress, anger, fear, worry, and more!
Click the link below to sign up and learn more.
Looking forward to working with you for the next 40 days, sunshine.


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