My heart is heavy this morning.  Over the last several weeks, I’ve had countless women share:

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with me–this holiday season my eating’s been out of control!
  • I am scared to step on the scale!
  • I have to go shopping for myself instead of others because nothing in my closet fits. 
  • The more I try, the more I gain!
  • Why can’t I get my weight under control?
  • My willpower always fails me!
  • I hate the way I look in the mirror!

Heavy. Burdened. I’ve been there. And on any given day that the enemy wants to wreak havoc on my joy, I go back “there.”
“There” is the Garden of Eden where the cunning enemy questioned Eve causing her to wonder and doubt and ultimately “take a bite” of the one and only tree she was instructed not to eat.
“There” is here.  “There” is now.  “There” is your mind and mine, sunshine.
How often we take a bite of the enemy’s tempting, beautifully wrapped thoughts of hopelessness, despair, fear, worry, and self-loathing!
Those are gifts I am returning this holiday season and into the New Year–and I will not ask for a store credit.
Instead, we need to set our minds and hearts on God’s Word and promises.
I’m taking a stand and declaring war on the enemy on your behalf, sunshine.
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With love,