The pasta must be removed immediately upon rising to the surface.
The ball must be returned at the precise second.
The punchline must be delivered not a moment too soon.
The driver must cross the yellow dotted line with speed and precision.

If you don’t believe timing is everything, I am certain a chef, a tennis player, a comedian, and a truck driver would argue with you–and frankly, they’d win.

For decades I tried to lose weight and pretty much used every method.

Weight Watchers.
“Jeunique” wafers. (Pronounced “u-nee-kuh” because it was “French and fancy.”)
Jenny Craig.
The cabbage soup diet.
Pre-made and packaged meals.
The “Subway” method.
And my senior year of college, my doctor strongly suggested I go on Phen-Phen for a few months, until one day he called and instructed me to immediately stop using it. I guess the fear of a lawsuit because of the high incidence of death by its users scared him straight?!

My health was a situation of life or death.
In the latter case, it was literally a gamble with every pill I took.

But for years, it wasn’t time.
I wasn’t ready.

I attempted each one of these diets and for a spell they worked.
But for the overwhelming majority, they failed. (Hence the numerous methods and trials.)

And with every pound I gained back, I felt like more like a failure and more hopeless that “nothing was ever going to work.”  

Getting healthy had to be on my terms.
And it had to be a method I could “stick to.”

Then miraculously, one day, it happened.

I couldn’t take the frustration of going into my closet wondering what would fit.

I couldn’t fathom the thought of missing more social experiences like skiing, hiking, and snorkeling because I didn’t have the strength, stamina, or cardiovascular endurance to participate.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend more money on another “super-sized” wardrobe.

The time had come.
I followed a few simple practices: believing God’s promises were true–
I had a newfound desire to eat less and move more. 

I said they were simple, but it wasn’t easy.
But let me tell you, sunshine–it was worth it. 
I have no regrets because of the freedom I’ve experienced over the last two decades since losing 120+lbs.

If now is your time and you’re ready to get serious about getting healthy, I invite you to be a part of a 5-session Bible study where we’ll explore some of the strongholds, beliefs, and mindsets and use God’s Word to strengthen and liberate you, leaving you finally free of any other method or program that has made you feel like a weight-loss-failure in the past. And let me just remind you of The Truth, sunshine: you are more than a conqueror. (Rom 8:31)

This 5-session series, Freedom (how fitting for July, right?),  looks like this:

  • Sunday, July 2 we will meet virtually @ 7:00p.m. for the opening session
  • We’ll meet virtually every Friday in July (July 7, 14, 21, 28) @ 7:00a.m

And because I am so passionate about helping others get healthier and know God better, this study will be completely donation-based where every individual offers whatever s/he can.

And the cherry on top of it all, sunshine, is that 100% of the monies collected will be donated to Saving Grace in Uganda, which was co-founded by my dear friend, Suzanne Kuhn. SGIU is an amazing ministry that takes orphaned children off the streets in Uganda and shows them the love of Our Father. How powerful that we can pay His love forward this way!
I will not be sending another Freedom email to this entire list, sunshine, so if you or someone you know is interested in joining the study, (even better, join together) please hit “reply” to this message. You will then receive a confirmation email with the essentials for the five-week Bible study series beginning this Sunday, July 2 at 7:00p.m.. (And if you can’t make every session–no worries, the calls will be recorded and available for you.)

I look forward to breaking free with you, sunshine.


“Timing is everything. The things you are praying for
will show up when you are ready for them.”
-Mandy Hale