If you’ve been churched for even a little while, you may know that God uses some of the shadiest characters, most conspicuous places and some of the most unusual circumstances to reveal His power and show His handiwork. And even in 2018, God is still very much in the transformation business.
He’s working in my life and yours, too, sunshine.

He took Joseph from the prison to the palace.
He exposed Gideon from the cave he was hiding to the leader of a nation.
He positioned Esther to be freed from captivity and crowned as queen.
He selected Peter from his fishing boat to a world-renowned evangelist and church reformer.

Each one of these people experienced drastic turns in their lives, leading them to something bigger and better than they ever imagined.

And the same is true for you and me, sunshine.

As you read this message today, I want you to know that the plans you have for your life may be good, (and your life may be good or even great!) but the plans God has for your life are even better. He may enhance your plans or may go in a different direction altogether. But whatever happens, it will be for your good and His glory.

His plans are more than you have ever seen, heard, or imagined. 

“That is what is meant by the Scriptures which say
that no mere man has ever seen, heard, or even imagined what wonderful things God has ready for those who love the Lord.”
1 Corin 2:9