Avoiding the source of temptation is one piece of the complicated puzzle we know as weight loss and “eating right.”

But guess what, sunshine? Food, like air, is a necessity not a luxury.
An alcoholic can avoid going to a bar, but you and I can’t avoid eating food.

But here’s the deal: you are stronger and more powerful than a pile of granulated sugar or a bag of cholesterol laden fried potatoes. You can claim victory over the foods that once “controlled” you, and you can assert your power over your desire to eat sugary and processed snacks and foods deemed as “junk.”

As you set your goals for 2017 (and beyond), think about the foods you are eating and how they support (or don’t) your goals and help you live the life you want. No more mindlessness or eating something “just because” it’s there or you crave it.

Eat with purpose.
Eat with intention.
Eat with your goals in mind.

I’m not saying you’ll never have cravings or temptations again–even though I’ve lost and maintained 120+lbs, I have cravings all of the time. No, seriously. Every day. And guess what? I eat those foods, too. The big difference was and is now I choose to eat the foods rather than feel controlled by them. Once I began doing that, food was no longer the source of power–I was the powerful one! 

The more empowered I felt, the more I wanted to choose foods that were nutritionally sound and aligned with my goals. Soon after, I began looking better, too. I became stronger and more confident and even more empowered. It was a win-win-win!

I no longer live thinking, “I have to have something sweet before I go to bed!” Now when I choose to eat something sweet before I go to bed, I feel empowered by my choices, not guilty, shamed, or weak because I “surrendered.”

My highest hope and prayer for you this New Year is that you become empowered.

You choose your health.
You choose your goals.
You choose you. 

Happy New Year, sunshine!
Feel free to share your goals and areas in need of prayer as you embark upon 2017! I believe in you–if I could do it, you can, too!