Hey, sunshine!
So I know I just sent you an exuberant email yesterday sharing successes of fellow sisters, but there were some inquiring minds wanting to know how they could rock their health His way, too!

If you know me, you know my life-mission is to help women align their health with His Word and His ways–my way of personalizing The Great Commission. (Matt 28:16-20)

With a heart-centered passion to make a bigger impact for The Kingdom, I want to offer you a program to help you get similar results to the ladies mentioned in yesterday’s email–ladies who’ve entrusted their health into His hands.

Today only, I am offering a special for Workout in The Word6-week journey to committing your health to Him–for only $300! That’s less than a month gym membership and a few personal training sessions–yet you’ll receive so much more!

Workout in The Word includes:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • weekly group workouts and study sessions
  • support from fellow sisters
  • daily encouragement in a private Facebook group
  • and more!

This is all for about $7/day–ask any trainer her cost to connect with and “train” you everyday?!?!

The fall session is Hooked on a Feeling: getting control of your emotions so they don’t control you. 

During this 40-day journey, we’ll explore the impact of stress, fear, worry, anxiety or guilt that influence your health choices and replace the unhealthy patterns and habits with healthy-Bible based practices.

We begin next week and would love to get fit with you, sunshine–spirit, mind, and body! Click below to claim this special offer!

p.s. Oh, and in case you want to learn more, here’s a quick video.

Click to claim your space now.
This offer lasts until Monday, September 5 @ 11:59p.m. EST.