Years ago, my friend Suzanne stepped up to help a missionary couple who was ministering to street children in northern Uganda.

As a result of a civil war in 2007, many children were left without an adult to care for them, leaving them to fend for themselves on the streets.

Poverty, unjust treatment of children, and an alarming number of adults dying of AIDS–a rate of 300 people/day–bring 16 children to the streets every day in Uganda. Currently 56% of their population is under the age of 18.

I don’t know about you, sunshine, but I can’t wrap my head around any of this.

Thankfully Val and Alon (the missionaries serving in Lira, Uganda’s capital) and my friend Suzanne and her family, answered the call to serve and meet a need–actually many needs.

Together they founded Saving Grace in Uganda whose mission is to provide an environment of love, safety and growth for orphaned and vulnerable street children in northern Uganda by caring for their physical, emotional and educational needs while promoting a life based upon biblical values where they may realize their true worth and identity as intended by God.

Saving Grace in Uganda provides food, clothing and counseling for hundreds of street children and provides a full-time home, education, and discipleship for over fifty rescued street children.

I could go on and on about the amazing and wonderful things that the staff and members of Saving Grace do and share story after story about the miraculous handiwork of God upon this ministry, but I invite you to click the video below and learn more about this remarkable Kingdom building organization.

P.S. Giving Tuesday is happening tomorrow!
This is a kick-off to the year-end-charitable-giving-holiday season!
I invite you to be a part of what Saving Grace in Uganda is doing! A one-time gift is very helpful, but relationship is what we are called to. I invite you to sponsor a child on a monthly-basis. Only $1/day can bring Jesus’ love in many forms to the street children of Saving Grace. Please click the link below and sponsor a child today.
I want to be a part of Saving Grace!