Greetings, sunshine!

As you may know, throughout the month of March, a group of us have committed to 31-days of nothin’ but water! Being a part of Quenched has been great on many levels and there is motivation within the group to keep on going!

Several have commented (and I agree!) the group dynamic added support and encouragement to keep pressing on and have asked to do another challenge.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I’m all in!
And we’d love you join us, sunshine!

The month of April we will be completing a 30-day plank challenge!

As you know, planks are a core strengthener.

Since “core” comes from the French word coeur, (which means heart) we will get to the heart of worshipping Him–using exercise as an opportunity to praise Him for our health and the healing of our hearts, too. What a perfect follow up from Easter where He rose from the grave to heal us forevermore!

We will plank every day!
And depending upon your fitness level, you decide the duration of your plank.

Here is a suggested schedule:
Week 1: 15 second holds
Week 2: 30 seconds
Week 3: 45 seconds
Week 4: 1 minute!

Please let me know if you are in for April’s challenge by responding to this email with a quick “I’m in!” I will add you to a special list and will send encouragement throughout the month to keep you motivated and on-task!

Looking forward to planking with you!