You know I am an action taker.
You know I am a sharp shooter.
You know I am passionate about helping people reach their goals and committing to being healthier, stronger, and more confident using God’s Word.

So I am going to do something different for April’s challenge, sunshine. 

I subscribe to a monthly membership site for fitness workouts.
I love it.
I can do it from the luxury of my own home when it is convenient for me.

But I also don’t rely upon this as my only fitness platform.
I am a social being, and I thrive off of the energy and camaraderie of my peers when in a group fitness setting.

I am not alone.
More than 80% of fitness classes are female–we are relational beings, sunshine–and this is not just by nature of being female, it’s by divine design of being human.

As much as I love my monthly membership and leading Shine with Frannie FB live feeds, the one thing I don’t like is that there is no interaction on the other side of the side of the screen.

Now don’t get me wrong–I’ve loved starting every day for the last 90 days with a fitness session on Shine with Frannie’s FB feed, but I need to be honest–I want more.

And others do, too.
I’ve received numerous messages about doing a program that could support and encourage others on a more intimate level, but 1:1 coaching is too challenging for my schedule right now.

Light bulb.
Give people what they want, but more importantly give people what they need. We need to get healthy and grow spiritually. 

Since technology allows us to interact with one another from wherever we are, why not take our monthly challenge to the next level? 

What I am proposing for April’s challenge is an interactive faith-based Bible study where we meet each week to pray and sweat together.

This was born from prayer to connect on a more meaningful level with Shine followers and from a desire to have more accountability for others to reach goals through focused coaching and a personal commitment to one’s health. 

I want to have a more meaningful connection with you, sunshine. 
I want to create a tighter-knit community for you to share. (People don’t feel as comfortable sharing on FB feeds.) 
I want others to experience bigger and better (and noticeable) results.
And I want to give more.

So for the month of April, I’m putting more skin in the game.
And I am inviting others who are ready to do the same.

The April Challenge is for those who want to pursue a deeper understanding God’s Word as related to their health while committing to their personal physical fitness. 

This is open to women and men.
Unbelievers and long-time-faith-walkers
Young and old
Ultra-fit and getting-fitter-every-day

But regardless, participants will have a common thread: it’s for those who are willing and ready to commit to placing your health in God’s Hands. 

And you know that through Shine I try to provide programs that are accessible and affordable for everybody and workouts that are for every body, too.

So every Sunday in April, All In participants will log in to Zoom for an-hour long spirit-filled-faith-strengthening session followed by a low-impact fitness session. It’s $7/Sunday for you to commit to getting healthier and stronger–spirit, mind, and body! 

You’re a quarter of the way through 2019–it’s time to go All In!
Click the link below and register for Shine’s April Challenge. 
All in for April
April 7, 14, 21, 28
7:30pm EST

P.S. Yep, one of these is Easter Sunday–what better way to worship?!

Click below to register I’m All in for April!