While I hate math, I’ve been obsessed with numbers.

  • Numbers on the scale
  • Numbers in my $bank account
  • Numbers of followers/likes/etc…

But earlier this year, God spoke to me: “Are those numbers the source of your joy or am I?”




So I made a vow with Him that I would not obsess over the numbers of downloads/plays/listeners on my podcast when I started a few months ago. I agreed to look at them monthly.


I just about peed my pants when I looked at them earlier this week!
3000+ plays!


Oh my word! I am so excited! While this might seem insignificant to some podcasters who get 3000 plays per episode, this is something bigger for me.


Starting my podcast was an act of courage, faith, and obedience. It was doing something afraid–something I never thought I could/would/should do.


But guess what? Through my podcast, I am sharing the Good News and fulfilling my purpose to help others get healthier, stronger, and more confident using God’s Word–this is part of living a purpose driven life.


Sister, what scary new thing is God calling you to do that will be another step in fulfilling your life’s purpose?

Thank you to all who’ve listened and support the show by sharing, reviewing, commenting, and even financially giving. I am beyond blessed!


And if you’ve yet to listen, hop on to the platform you listen to podcasts and subscribe to the Shine with Frannie Show today.