We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” 
― Walt Disney

I am so grateful for the many responses I received from you as I sought to determine my new “title” with the reinvention of Shine.  

They were so creative and offered a number of clever titles running the gamut from start-up business strategist to success coach to small business advisor to mom, you know? Since they do everything! Loved that one! 

But here you have it….
You’re getting my new elevator pitch hot off the press, dear Frannie. 

Drum roll, please. 

“My name is Frannie, and I help new and reinvented entrepreneurs with digital and online marketing projects so they can make a bigger impact.”  
(I am adding in, “…so they can really SHINE!”) 🙂 

In short, I’m a project and media manager for entrepreneurs. 

Now here’s one thing you should know–while I am personally very much faith-based, I am supporting all entrepreneurs in their business endeavors. I’m working with anyone who has two basic needs: 

  1. A project that needs executed 
  2. And/or a message that needs communicated through a number of media platforms (ebook, blog, sales funnel emails, social media, etc…) 

I would so appreciate your help and would love for you to continue on this journey with me! 

If you know a business owner who is overwhelmed with where to get started or needs help writing their “about” page on their website, (or a myriad of other things!) then I am their go-to-gal. 

I’ve already been contacted to help:

  • Create wireframes for websites
  • Design personal branding
  • Develop app content
  • Establish a CRM and branded templates
  • Write landing page copy
  • Customize a 3-sequence email sales funnel
  • Offer live event support
  • Provide social media trainings
  • And MORE! 

And to think that my last day was just February 10!?! 
It’s been so much fun! 

If you know someone who is just starting out (or having a go with all new 2020 business practices!) I appreciate your referrals and as always, your consummate prayers and support. 

And if you’ve been a Shine follower since the beginning, THANK YOU!  I will still be weaving in fitness and wellness fun, along with random life events in my weekly blogs, but I understand if you unsubscribe. 

Here’s to open doors, dear one.