I was talking with a dear friend earlier this week, and she shared an expression that stuck with me:

“When you dwell on the past, it causes depression; when you dwell on the future, it creates anxiety.” 

This was profound, to say the least. On my drive home from the coffee shop, I delved further.
When I think about my past or my future, I don’t get depressed or anxious.
On the contrary, when thinking about my past, I am filled with gratitude.  Lord only knows how grateful I am not where I once was! 
And when I consider my future, I am filled with hope. I know my best days are ahead of me, and I can’t wait to see what God has yet in store! 
What about you, sunshine; when thinking of your past or future, where’s your focus? 
I challenge you to consider the many reasons you have to be grateful and the many opportunities that await you, too, sunshine.
And of course, I invite you to share with me: What are you most grateful for? What are you most hopeful for? Simply hit “reply” and share away.
With love and hope for a great remainder of the week,

“…Wait with hopeHope now; hope always!” Ps. 131:3