So, this weekend you set your clocks ahead–let’s be real, your Smartphone did it for you, sunshine.  And if you’re anything like me, usually the first week after the spring daylight savings time change, I drag and feel it is my duty to let every one I encounter know how tired I am. (Am I alone here, sunshine? ) 

Regardless, the days are getting longer and you have more “day” to pack in the things you’d typically postpone until the next day…or the next, or next week, or next month…you get it. 

But this time around, I am doing something differently.
I am committing 1% of my extra daylight to my 2019 goals.

I encourage people all of the time to invest 4% of their day (that’s just 1 hr.)  to their health through exercise, so 1% seems completely doable, right? (Note: It all comes down to priorities.) 

Here’s the deal with 1%, sunshine. 

God has gifted us with 1,440 minutes in a day, so 1% is only 14.4 minutes–roughly 15 minutes a day. 

So whadduthink, sunshine? 
Do you have a New Year’s resolution, a life goal, or just something you’ve been procrastinating? (Or simply talking yourself out of?) Perhaps this is just the kick-in-the-pants you need to make it happen. 

Just 15 minutes a day, sunshine. 

In less time than it takes to do a load of laundry, go grocery shopping, get your nails done, drive to work or shower (with a leg-shaving session, I might add) you could be changing your life–for the better! 

In just 15 minutes, you could–
   Reconnect with God during Bible study. 
   Walk a mile. 
   Rekindle relationships by calling loved ones.
   Become more flexible with a few sun salutations.
   Organize a drawer.
   Listen to a podcast a friend sent you months ago.
   Prepare a healthy meal. 

As always, my highest hope and prayer is that these messages get you thinking and convict you to do something to help you become stronger, healthier and more confident using God’s Word.

So I’d love to hear from you.
Please share with me if this message resonates with you and what you decide you’ll commit to with this practice. I’d love to cheer you on as you commit 1% of your extra daylight to being your healthiest, strongest, most confident version of you, sunshine.