legosFor Christmas, I bought my nephew a Star Wars Lego Kit. Within minutes, the microscopic plastic pieces were scattered upon the floor, and we lay studying the picture on the box. Within a few hours–yes, hours–we had a completed Death Star contraption that made me feel unworthy of any of the college degrees that I’ve earned.

Looking back on the experience, honoring the priceless and precious time spent with my nephew, I had a few heartfelt reflections about the connection of life and Legos: 

Have you ever bought just one Lego? Legos are designed for other Legos.
Lesson: We are designed for relationship–and most importantly, to create something really great–together. 

While Legos may come individually wrapped in cellophane packaging, the fractured segments are designed to be part of something bigger–with other different sized, shaped, and functioning Legos.
Lesson: We should not judge others; we need them, they need us. 

Legos come in individual pieces, but with time, attention, and persistence, one can create a mechanically-engineered, fully operating masterpiece.
Lesson: God takes our tiny pieces (in the form of relationships, experiences, talents, flaws, and gifts) and intricately and purposefully assembles them to create beautiful masterpieces–that’s you and me, sunshine.

There are 62 Legos for every one person on earth.
Lesson: You have more than 62 talents and gifts of awesomeness, sunshine. How are you sharing them with the world? 

Do you have any additional lessons that you’ve learned from Legos, sunshine? Which of these lessons speaks loudest to you?
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With love,