“I hate the way I look in the mirror.”
“Nothing in my closet fits.”
“I feel like my pants are going to bust at the seam.”
“I’m embarrassed to go out in public.”

“I saw a picture of myself and was disgusted.”

These are just a few of the reasons people contact me for coaching.

Do any of these sound familiar to you, sunshine?
Have you said any of these statements before?
How about like this morning?

During an initial coaching call, I explore a person’s motivations for wanting to lose weight. The above statements are typically their responses–they’re real and honest, and I respect that.

But I push. 
Because I am a faith-based coach and only work with people who are willing to surrender their health to God, I delve beyond the physical world of a dress size or a picture captured on a smart phone.

How do you see your physical body?
Do you look at others through the same lens?

What if your body wasn’t a physical representation of you, rather an expression of God’s love to others?

What if your body was the foundation of your ministry?

What if you exercised because you loved your body–your God-given-and-divinely-designed-body–not because you were punishing it for the overindulgence this past weekend?

So there you have it, sunshine–some free coaching for ya.
Truly. I want you to reflect on those questions; your responses can be game changers, and perhaps life savers. 

I’d love to hear your reasons for your commitment to exercise.
Or maybe it might be a prayer request to fix your focus so you desire to exercise.

Either way, drop me a line and let me know how you’d fill in the blank:
I exercise because __________.
“Commit everything you do to the Lord. 
Trust him, and he will help you.”
Ps 37:5 NLT
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