It’s that time of year again–spring cleaning.

I put a recliner on Craigslist the other day for free. Nothing special, just wanted it out of my house asap, so why not give it to a good home for free, right?
First person contacted me. Said she would pick it up later that evening at a mutually agreed upon time. I waited; she never showed. 

Texted me much later (well past my bedtime) with an excuse of why she was unable to pick up the chair. I decided it’s fine, things happen. I text back–“No worries, you can come pick it up tomorrow.”

At this point, I had taken the ad down because I had more people reaching out. 

Second day of freebie giveaway. 
Guess who didn’t show up again and texted me hours later?

If you know me, you know patience is not my strength; I wanted the chair out of my house, so I put up another ad, this time with a price–$100.

The very first person reached out, we negotiated the price, and she came an hour later.

SHE SHOWED UP–on time, too.

I ended up giving her the chair for free because I really wanted to get rid of it.

Moral of the story: people invest in what they value and value what they invest in. (*Note: This lesson applies to health, business, relationships, personal and professional development and recliners.)

So, let me ask you, sunshine: when was the last time you hit snooze instead of making it to your early a.m. workout? When was your last self-care
treatment–massage, pedicure, girls’ night?  Have you ever complained that eating healthy is too expensive? When was your last date night with your husband?

You, dear one, are worth time, money, and effort, and you are more valuable than any possession you have.

It’s time to invest in you, sunshine.
Share with me how you most recently invested in yourself.
Tweet. Email. Post.

I look forward to celebrating you!
Love ya, sweets,

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