The Cliff’s note version of Luke 8:22-25 would read something like this:
Jesus instructs His disciples to get in the boat to go across the lake. They obey.
Jesus falls asleep and a terrible storm ensues leaving the passengers in danger. The disciples freak out and awaken Jesus.
Jesus gets up, speaks sternly to the wind and water and immediately both subside.
Jesus questions the disciples’ faith.
In fear and amazement, they wonder about Jesus’ power: how is He able to speak to wind and water and command their obedience? 

Yowzer! There is so much great stuff in this passage–I invite you to read the original for yourself.
But seriously, every single time I read or hear this passage, I shake my head in agreement and smirk at the disciples’ initial reaction.
I can totally relate.
In a storm, I have been one of them. Not in a rain storm, (I love rainstorms) but in an outcome-I-didn’t-expect-or-situation-I-don’t-like-kind-of-storm.
Yep. Me and the disciples. Weaklings.
But let’s give these guys (and me) a little credit. The first thing they do in their moment of distress is turn to Jesus.
He’s their go-to. He’s their storm-calmer.
And the same is true for me and you, sunshine. He’s here to bring calm. Sometimes He calms the storm around us, but He’s always there to quiet the storm within us. 
No matter what storm is raging in or around you, you have the power to find peace among the storm. 
Seek Him to be your Captain and learn His Word so that you are able to speak faith and power over whatever storm comes your way.
With His power and this practice, no storm will prevail, sunshine.
ABC Scripture Memorization [W] ‘“Where is your faith?’ he asked his disciples.” Luke 8:25