They say you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.
They say you shouldn’t eat after 8:00p.m.
They say rising sea levels will cause land to be consumed by water along the eastern seaboard of the US because of global warming.
They say if you have $3 in your possession, you are wealthier than 1/2 of the world’s population. 

Experts are constantly conducting research in respective fields of interest–some have sound evidence and pertinent significance to the world, others, however, not so much.

But I’ve always been curious about the Today Show experts and data they share: who is the they that they reference with all of this sage wisdom?!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been transitioning to a new phase in my life–probably the biggest transition period of my life to date.

While I am feeling settled and confident that God ordained me be here in Florida with my exact job, I have come on strong–like bull-in-a-china-shop-strong, or as my friend Kristen put it, “A category 10 Frannie.”

By nature, I’m a fixer.
I see a need, I meet it.
I see a problem, I solve it.
End of story.
Need less to say,  I’ve seen lots of needs and problems that need some Frannie Foltz fixin’.

So when a colleague returned to work this week after the hurricane of the century and shared that she had “no concerns about returning to work knowing that everything would be fine because I was the steamroller who’d make it happen”, I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. (I also didn’t know what “it” I was responsible to make happen?!)

Flummoxed, I questioned, “Who calls me steamroller?”
She admitted her creativity for coining “steamroller” then went on to share additional references that my colleagues have nicknamed me.

Force not to reckon with.
The Force of Frannie.
Wonder Woman.

After each one, she noticed my countenance shifting; she reassured me, “These aren’t in a mean or derogatory way–we know that you are ‘the one’ to get stuff done and make things happen…”

Compliment, yes, but…

I left uncertain of the conversations that lead to these behind-my-back-namesakes, but chose not to listen to what “they say” even if they were not all that bad, I mean, Wonder Woman!?! I’ll take that one, sans the costume.

Instead I’ve decided that what He says and what I believe are the names I am choosing to embrace and become.

Loved. Worthy. Accepted. Chosen. Transformed. Free.

What about you, sunshine?
What do “they say” about you?
What does His Word say about you?
What do you say about you?

If you need prayer in this particular area because what “they say” is louder than what He says and what you believe, then give me shout.
I’d love to wrestle with the devil for you!