It’s the elephant in the room.
It’s a subject that makes headlines, tabloid pictures, and “Yo’ mama” fat jokes aplenty, but it doesn’t often enough make it to the places that need it most: real, loving, genuine relationships. 

Growing up, I avoided talks about my weight and felt ashamed that I “couldn’t get control” over my eating. There was something so much deeper that was the source of my indulging and binging, but without the right tools to help, I was unable to unearth the real issues and further continued to “medicate” my pain with more Ho-Hos, Nutty Bars, and Zingers. 

As a coach who often works with moms who are helping their daughters through some of the similar “growing pains”, I found this blog article to be awesome! It provides some great points about helping your child create healthy relationships with food, their bodies, and others. It also has some great advice to give “instead” and some resources for kids and adults, too.

I hope you enjoy it, sunshine, or share it with someone who will. Also, I invite you to read the blog; the page is filled with lots of interesting insight and resources for disabilities, gender issues, and mental health, too.

With love,