Today we honor the great civic leader and amazing man-of-God, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Without a doubt, he is one the world’s greatest leaders of all time, and his mission to overcome hate through acts of love was brave and honorable–legacy-worthy for sure.

As you know, being a leader requires a tremendous amount of courage.

Leadership is often misunderstood, however.

Being a leader is far more than standing on the platform or speaking at a rally; genuine leadership requires introspection and often a quiet kind of courage. It takes willingness to show up each and every day ready.

It requires relentless courage.

Most likely when you think of Dr. King, Jr., you envision him addressing the crowd from the Lincoln Memorial on that hot August day in 1963.

But what we forget, or perhaps do not know, is that moment was the culmination of a thousand smaller acts of bravery that came before.

For over a decade, King delivered sermons and speeches, all of which strengthened and honed his oratory skills and further excited his passion to end racism.

Dr. King faced adversaries in every form and fashion, but as is evidenced through his persistence, every victory strengthened him to fight even harder.

I admire his faith and his bravery, and this is why I am leading Fear Less, a women’s retreat, here in Orlando, FL March 13-14, 2020.

Each and every one of us is called to be a leader–within our homes, our neighborhoods, our churches, our workplaces–we are leaders for The Kingdom.

And God calls us to do things that will undoubtedly elicit fear.

Start a new career.
Try that fitness class.
Sign up for that mission trip.
Invest in that ministry.
Forgive your betrayer.
Train for that race.
Lead that Bible study.
Open that online business.

But guess what?

Just like any leader, the more you practice small acts of bravery, the stronger and more courageous you will become.

And as one of my favorite pastors, John Gray from Relentless Church, preaches, “We must faith our fears.”

That is what you will discover at Fear Less–practical, faith-based tools and strategies to step out in courage and act in faith to do what God is calling you to do.

Honor Dr. King and be a part of Our Father’s legacy by stepping out in fear today.

Click here to learn more and register for Fear Less today.

Looking forward to seeing you there.