Closing the cover of her bed time story, Anna rolled over and sleepily yawned, “You can turn the dark on now, daddy.”

You’ve got to love the way a child’s mind works. Concepts such darkness and light are perplexing to understand and even more so to explain.

What’s even more challenging as an adult however is the choice to shield darkness from our daily lives. You see, sunshine, darkness is ever-present, it is the absence of light, however we are light.

We are goodness. We are joy. We are love. We are light. 

When we choose to turn off our light, we allow darkness to permeate our thoughts, actions, and ultimately lives. We question the evening news, “Is there anything good left in this world?” We lose hope that a loved one can be cured of cancer, “Why is this happening, God?” We live paycheck to paycheck, “I will never get out of debt.”  Darkness torments us, leading us to question, wonder, worry, doubt and live in fear–Why? What if? How come? When?

Such thoughts negate trust and counteract faith and drown our light. We must make constant choices to keep our light on, for a single candle can pierce the darkest expanse.

Commit to the road less traveled. Choose joy when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Choose peace in the midst of strife. Choose love when anger looks you in the eye.

What darkness shrouds your light, sunshine?
How can I help you keep your light on?
Share with me.
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I am here to reflect your light.

With love,