Happy New Year!

I pray you had a wonderful holiday season and are expectant of what God is going to do in and through you in the year ahead!

As for me, there are some new things on the horizon. Although they are not 100% clear, God has illuminated the path in a new direction and has dimmed the light on Shine for now.

In the most recent Shine with Frannie Show episode, I share the transition steps that have led me to this point to press pause on Shine for now and move forward into a new assignment that I believe I am equipped and anointed for through my lifetime of singlehood.

Like Abraham whom God called to leave his family, homeland and everything he knew at the age of 75 and “go to a land I will show you”, I am stepping forward in faith and trusting God to show me the next step and the next and the next…

I believe firmly that in order to enter into what’s next, I must leave right now.

I will be using Shine with Frannie social media to grow my wellness business through a breakthrough biotech product that I have been using and yielding numerous health benefits, but I will be devoting more time and attention to my new Instagram handle, The Bride with Boots On. You can follow here.

Thank you for your continued support, love, and encouragement over the last 7 years. Just like the Israelites were instructed to rest the land every 7th year, it is time to give Shine a rest.

Until we meet next time, dear one, keep on shining.