I moved to Florida (the first time) in June of 1997.  That move was a transformational experience for me on so many levels.

I had just graduated from college, lost my stepfather, and relocated to a new place with only a few family members nearby as my lifeline to sanity and from the pit of despair and loneliness.

To put it mildly, every day I felt like I was waking up on a new episode of “Naked and Afraid.”

But then I met Gary.

Gary was the trainer the Bally’s sales guys paired me with upon joining. You should know, sunshine, my intention of obtaining a gym membership was not to lose weight, although I needed to, sunshine–I weighed over 295lbs.

Instead, my motive was selfish and social.
I wanted to meet people my age.

Who knew that my free one-on-one consultation with Gary, a sculpted-Adonis who ate chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli for every meal–would lead me down a path to my -120lb. weight loss transformation?!

During our initial chat, he spoke trainer-ease, asking what my goals were and what other regimens and weight loss techniques I had tried in the past.

I answered him, sometimes honestly, other times with a response that a professionally-trained-trainer wants to hear.

I will increase my water intake daily.
I will eliminate sugary and fatty foods.
I will not eat processed foods.
I will work out every day like Jane Fonda.
Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

But Gary was a sharp shooter.
He got me.
He called my bluff.

With raised eye-brows and a few head shakes, he said, “C’mon. Be real with me, Frannie.”
And then he dropped this bomb on me.
How are you going to feel this time next year if continue
in this direction and don’t make any changes? 

What about five years? Seriously. Think about it.
How are you going to feel if nothing changes?”

Well, that scared the pee out of my pants, sunshine.

Tears welled up in my eyes.
I was already tipping the near 300lb mark.

Where would I be next year?
He explained that even at +1lb. a month over the next 5 years, I would be 350+lbs. I was already at size 22 and wearing mens’ size 40×32 pants.
What would I do?

I envisioned going to a tent maker to get my dresses made.
I envisioned staying home because I couldn’t travel and explore.
I envisioned becoming the crazy cat lady with no friends because I didn’t want to leave the house because I was ashamed of the way I looked.

Starting that day, I committed to change–and every day since then, I have been in a constant state of transformation–spirit, mind, and body.

And so today I ask you, sunshine–is there something you want to change in your life?

It doesn’t have to be weight loss or health related–although it can be–but it can be a toxic, unhealthy relationship.

A job or career change.
A financial goal.
A dream that you have let go of because of time, resources, or fear.

Let me ask you the same questions that Gary asked me, sunshine:

How are you going to feel if you and I are sitting having this conversation next year and nothing has changed? What about five years? Seriously. Think about it. How are you going to feel if nothing changes?

As you likely know, I often lead challenges that help others get healthier, stronger, and more confident–spirit, mind, and body.

So with the start of back-to-school, and a little more normalcy to life, I am going to lead a FREE-5-day Goal-Getter-challenge.

This mini-coaching series will give you practical, action-steps rooted in God’s Word to help you create a detailed plan to win at your 2018 goals!

I will be hosting this free-5-day-Goal Getter challenge daily on FB Live from Monday, September 10–Friday, September 14 at 7:00a.m. EST.

And there will be a special email group to encourage fellow goal-getters with scriptures, quotes, and other resources to follow up between daily videos and keep you focused on your personal goals. Simply reply to this email with “YES!” and I’ll add you to the Goal Getter group.

We will only be on for 10 or so minutes.
So you can wake up a few minutes earlier to commit to your health and His praise for one week, sunshine. You’re worth it, and so is He.

Looking forward to supporting you as you create your action plan to tackle your goals, sunshine, and finish 2018 stronger and begin 2019 more empowered!

P.S. As you know, I am a firm believer that nothing can change without prayer.
Begin praying that God is doing something new (Is 43:19) and that He has special desires that He wants to make your own! If you’re still reading this email,
you know He’s speaking to you.
Reply “YES!” and I’ll add you to the Goal Getter group, sunshine.
Mark your calendar for September 10 @ 7:00a.m. EST