In my group program, we are currently exploring beliefs we have and where they are anchored–in truth or perception.
As we explore the LIEs that often make up our beLIEfs, we focus on the Limitations, Intimidations, and Expectations that often keep us from making the gym a habit– “I’ve been going for week and don’t see any difference…”  or not applying for the job promotion– “I don’t have as much experience as Joe…”
Whatever the circumstance, we must be mindful of what we think because ultimately our thoughts create beliefs which cause actions which become patterns which eventually lead to habits and then develop into our lifestyle.
As a result of this sequence, it is important to think good thoughts and believe 
real, genuine, positive things so the rest will follow suit.
So while I’ve offered some practical advice, I found
 Lauren Hom’s blog post  too good to not share. Her blog, Daily Dishonesty, is a fun-laugh-out-loud read and in this particular post, she shares some great graphics with accompanying punchlines to help us find humor in the lies we tell ourselves routinely.
I hope you enjoy her tongue-in-cheek humor to our LIES as much as I did!