Often girls I work with will have a revelation–an “A-HA!” moment–and will enthusiastically bounce into the house declaring her breakthrough:

“Guess what happened with Frannie today?!?”

Parents often call me flummoxed, “This is what I’ve been saying to her for years!” 

With a chuckle, I admit, “Indeed. It is the same message, I’m just a different messenger.”

Adolescence can be a tricky time and while you have sage advice, words of wisdom, and personal experience, in her eyes, “You just don’t understand!”

I want to help you and your daughter have a solid relationship that does not blur the lines of friendship and parenthood. I want to support you both through the challenges of adolescence with tools and resources to navigate the bumps in the road. 

StrongHER is a confidence coaching program for tween and teen girls in the Cleveland area. It is designed to teach girls tools to build their confidence, strengthen their social and communication skills, learn how and when to take healthy risks, and support their self-esteem as they hone their strengths in a safe place where they feel supported and celebrated. 

But having the right tools is not only necessary for her, but for you, too. StrongHER is designed for parents, too, as you are integral part of the adolescent experience…and beyond.

The second session of StrongHER begins October 22. There is a special offer for those who sign up by Saturday, October 17, so check it out and register that special girl today.