I’ve got skills.

I can wow a teen with my knowledge and use of Snapchat.
I can demonstrate a burpee, squat thrust, and a Turkish get-up.
I can bake brownies without the directions. (Did I say they’re from a box? Don’t judge me).
I can guesstimate wrapping paper to the millimeter.
I can slalom ski.

I’ve acquired knowledge and talents over time, but I’m embarrassed to admit,
I am more proficient in many of these superfluous skills than I am knowledgable of the details of The Bible.

Nearly two weeks remain before Christmas.

I’m going to be intentional and seek Him in powerful and deliberate ways.

I am starting by fasting tomorrow (liquids only until sundown), and if you’re serious about drawing nearer to God during the remaining weeks of Advent, I invite you to join me.

And not so sure about the fasting but need some prayer?
Let me know; reply to this message with your requests.

During what would be my meal times, I plan to read the different accounts of the Nativity and delve deeper to be a part of the story, not just know it. 

I learned this week that the shepherds had names–whoa?! What?

And what about the innkeeper? He’s a key player, but I’ve never seen him as part of the Nativity…

As in every solid relationship, sunshine,  you must devote time, energy, and curiosity in order to experience a deeper, more intimate connection.

I’m ready to get closer.

I hope you join me over the next few weeks and come closer to The One worthy of our adoration.

“…your heavenly Father knows exactly what you need.
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”
Matt 6:32b-33a
The Voice