While you have the power to make changes every day to improve your life, it is proven that there are two months of every year that people are most motivated to make significant changes: January and September.

January is a no-brainer, but September might be a bit more of head-scratcher…but it makes sense.

Vacations are over, and kids are back in the swing of things. September naturally lends itself to more structure and newfound routines and therefore creates a momentum. What a great time to use this energy to move forward with your own goals and learning, too, sunshine.

And of course, colorful, falling leaves, later sunrises and earlier sunsets, and Ugg boots all signify change is happening–and that rhythm spurs something inside of us, too.

So with this season of change, sunshine, what changes do you want to make to be more fulfilled in your career, your relationships, your health, your faith–your life? 

And what routines are you putting into place to make these things happen?

If you are not sure how to make them happen, or need some fine-tuning and accountability to stay committed, join me and others in the Goal-Getter series, where you’ll receive practical, faith-based tools and strategies and create a healthy action-plan so you can:

  • Soak up the final days of summer and establish new routines so you can enjoy your exercise sessions (even when you’re sweating!)
  • Feel satisfied and certain (not deprived or confused) knowing you’re allowed to eat all food groups! 
  • Sleep more soundly and wake up energized!  
  • Go into your closet knowing that no matter what you try on, everything will fit! 
  • Create new practices now so you can avoid the average weight gain of 7 lbs. over the holiday season!

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7:00AM EST daily.

And if you’ve already signed up from last week’s email, congrats! You are not wastin’ any time, sunshine–now you can share this with others and rally to win at your goals together!

Special resources are available to those who sign up, so reply to this message, and get ready to be renewed–spirit, mind, and body! 

P.S. After you reply to join the “Goal Getter” group yourself, tell your friends to join–encouraging others offers a level of accountability and increases success!
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