You’ve made the decision.  You’ve committed to your life-long dream vacation this year: Italy.
While it’s a country only as big as the state of Pennsylvania, you’ve heard there is much to see, do, and of course, eat. Trust me, I’ve been there nearly a dozen times–it doesn’t get its nickname “Eataly” for nothing, sunshine.
You begin researching.
Rome? Venice? Florence? Naples? How many days do I spend in each? Where do I stay? Which airport do I fly into? Do I take a train between the cities? What are the must-see venues? What are top safety travel tips? 
You read Trip Advisor and travel forums. “The service at the hotel was great.” “The Fountain of Trevi is so romantic at night.” 
Your research leads you to travel companies that offer group packages.  “We offer bike tours through the Cinque Terra.” “Go on a wine tour through a castle!” 
Soon, you stumble upon a 1:1 native Italian tour guide that will tailor your entire trip to your every desire–from your love of all-things seafood, to securing an apartment in the heart of Florence, to your dream of taking a cooking class in Lake Como.
You want an experience that will be like no other ever before or ever again. 
Trying to figure it out on your own is too stressful.  A group tour won’t be tailored to your every need and want.
You’ve waited long enough. You’re ready to do it. This is the only way.  You commit to the private tour.
So what about it when it comes to your weight loss goals, sunshine?
Have you tried to figure it out on your own and been frustrated and disappointed, maybe even giving up, only to feel like a failure?
Have you been part of a group program and haven’t sustained results because the group wasn’t customized to your needs, interests, or limitations?
Have you visited these goals year after year and still never gotten to the size you wanted?
If you’re tired of starting every New Year feeling like it’s Groundhog Day with the same fitness goals, then it’s time for you to take a 1:1 guided tour. God will be the guide, The Bible our map, and I will be a sojourner, supporting you with faith-based tools that I’ve acquired on my personal weight loss journey of 120+lbs.—and maintained for more than two decades.
Please only contact me if you are committed and ready to invite God into the weight loss process, and if you’re ready to invest in your health–for good.
If you’re ready for a change, then you must make a choice.  What will you decide?
I am honored to serve you and look forward to hearing from you, sunshine,
P.S. Simply reply to this email if you are interested in setting up a call to see if 1:1 faith-based weight loss coaching is right for you.