The Freedom Experience

Do you ever feel like you repeat cycles of self-sabotage?
The  Freedom Experience is for you!

Here’s what these cycles might look like:

  • You have multiple sizes in your closet–from clothes ranging… ”I’ve-got-a-little-extra-fluff” to ”One-day-I’ll-fit-into-these-again” 
  • You go “all in” and start a project, ministry, or business but somehow lose the motivation to see it fully to completion 
  • You let inner voices–Fear: I could never do that! Worry: What if I fail? Doubt: I am not qualified!–keep you from fulfilling a life-long dream!
  • You finally pay off that credit card, only to max it out again within the year
  • You start each day with a goal to exercise or eat healthier, then after a long, full day, you promise, “I will start tomorrow!”
  • You commit to planning meals and preparing snacks ahead of time, but suddenly a million other things (carpool, scrolling through Facebook, reruns of Friends, etc…) get in the way
  • You are too busy taking care of others to spend time taking care of you

Let me ask you: what is the one thing you wish you could break away from completely, sister?

These perpetual cycles are enemy-designed-traps, attempting to keep you stuck
and from living life fully and freely, as God intended.

If any of the above statements resonate with you, you’ve got to join me for

This is a 4-day event in
Melbourne Beach,
Florida, May 12-15, 2022.

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. 
So take your stand!

Never again let anyone
put a 
harness of slavery on you.”

Galatians 5: 1

It wasn’t until God asked me this question (and I took the time to reflect and allow Him to heal my heart)
that I realized what was happening. 

You see, for years I struggled with the same stronghold, it just manifested in my life differently. 

It first started as binge eating, then advanced through the years through other self-destructive behaviors throughout my 20s and 30s–drinking, massive debt, promiscuity, and even “good things” like exercise, church attendance, volunteering, and Bible studies. Then sadly, even though I was a believer, I was angry at God for not “granting my wish” to be married, and backslid into an affair with a married man. Sadly, all of these were simply vices I used in an attempt to fill the God-shaped-hole-in my heart. 

But by God’s grace, mercy and love, I’ve been set free, and I want to help you experience this freedom, too! 

I was enslaved for so long and sought to fill the
God-shaped hole with vices that matured along with me.

In my teens and 20s, binge eating

In my college years, excessive drinking

And then I even tried to “fill up” with good things like…



Trainings + Certifications

Just as Isaiah 61:2 reminds us, you are called to heal the broken-hearted and free the captives.
Sister, your breakthrough is contingent upon others breaking free, too! 

Over the last 20 years, I’ve learned, grown, failed, and have risen from the ashes.
I’ve invested in a number of programs including but not exclusive to Bible studies, therapy, fitness trainers, retreats and certifications, but more than anything,
I have been refined by fire and transformed by the Holy Spirit. 

And through God’s divine power, I’ve honed practices that have helped me break free of these vices and live in victory!
This has become
The Freedom Experience.
The Freedom Experience is not simply a weekend retreat;
it is a time set apart from life to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you
so that you might experience a life-transformation
basking in the sun while spending time with The Son
enjoying healthy food, fitness, and fun activities you haven’t done in decades.

Attendees share their experiences:

During The Freedom Experience, we’ll nourish our spirits with:

  • Worship
  • Bible teaching
  • Quiet time to hear God speak
  • Reflection & journaling 
  • Fellowship
  • Communion

We’ll nourish our souls with:

  • A four-day beach getaway from the busyness of life 
  • New experiences–ones that you may have “wished” you could do or perhaps never imagined doing! 
  • Genuine relationships with fellow sisters-in-Christ
  • A service project for the women and children of New Life Rescue Mission
  • FUN! There are a variety of activities designed to allow you to let loose & have fun again!

We’ll nourish our bodies with:

  • Healthy food
  • Fun fitness formats: bungee fitness & aerial silk sessions
  • The ultimate freedom experience: parasailing!
  • Massages
  • Vitamins D & SEA! We will be basking in the sunshine state just minutes away from the ocean! (Plus we have our own private pool!)

In addition to the weekend festivities, you’ll receive support before and after the experience:

  • (2) LIVE group calls to help you begin the freedom process with reflection and exploration of your personal stronghold (calls are scheduled for Monday, April 18 & Monday, May 2 at 7:30PM EST)
  • Fellowship and support through a private Slack group with other Freedom Experience attendees
  • A year of post-event support through Shine with Frannie’s exclusive membership group, Lighten Up Lifestyle  (a $399 value!)

Here’s what others are saying:


The Freedom Experience is hosted in Melbourne Beach, at a luxury home just minutes away from the beach.
Melbourne Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean about an hour south east of Orlando, FL. 

To provide personalized attention and luxury accommodations, The Freedom Experience is limited to 8 women.
There are private and shared room options available to meet your personal financial needs and preferences.
Additionally, for those action takers, there are early bird prices available.

Beautiful accommodations!

We have a private pool
and are merely minutes
from the beach!

Private rooms available

Travel arrangements:

  • Melbourne Beach is located south of Cocoa Beach and north of West Palm Beach. Melbourne has a small airport (MLB); it is about 20 minutes from the venue. Delta and Allegiant airlines fly to/from MLB.
  • Orlando International airport is a little over 1 hour drive; once our group is secured, we will connect and coordinate rides if you’re traveling from Orlando. 
  • Attendees are responsible for air and ground travel to/from the venue. 

Early bird options and payment plans available until 4/17/22

Refund policy: 

  • This investment is 100% refundable before 4/10/22, and 50% refundable before 4/17/22. 
  • Should you need to cancel after 4/17/22, the full payment is transferable to future Shine with Frannie events.

If you’re ready to take positive action to change your life and stop living in these cycles of self-sabotage, then you’ve got to join me for this

life-changing experience into living a life of true freedom!