You know how you go approach those automatic doors at the grocery store or a hotel, (or my favorite, TJ Maxx!) and they automatically open?! 🎩 

Well, that is what being on a podcast can do you for—automatically open new doors of opportunity for you and your business! 🚪 

When a listener takes a note from what you say on a podcast and wants to “pick up more of what you’re putting down,” they go to Instagram or Facebook and troll your feed. BAM!💥 You’ve acquired a new follower! (Note: 70% of podcast listeners take action after hearing a guest on a podcast.) ✅ 

When someone explores your website and sees that your press page is filled with guest appearances on podcasts (read: they see you as thought leader in your industry!) BAM! 💥 You’ve gained a new subscriber to your email list! 📧 

Listeners become part of your “inner circle” ⭕️ and your business ecosystem. They are silently watching and wowing at how knowledgeable you are!

And guess what?!?! They are ready and waiting for your next offer that will be the transformation of their life, business, relationship, wardrobe, health, etc…

Don’t have a clue how to go about pitching or don’t have the time to research where your ideal audience members are hiding (they are there–there are 16,000,000 listeners in the U.S.–trust me, they’re there!) ?

Let’s chat. 🗣

I have helped clients land appearances on podcasts such as A Successful Mind, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, The Clay Clark Show and more! (Visit my website to see more.) In turn, clients have experienced exponential growth on their email list and social media following and have even landed paid speaking engagements! 

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