My debit card was declined because I didn’t have enough money in my account to pay for my dental work.  My garage door broke.  The belt on my dryer snapped. My laptop charger hasn’t been charging correctly. With these colder temps, my car hasn’t been starting on the first try.   Someone bumped my car in the gym parking lot. I had four bills arrive that are due by year’s end that total over $1000.
That was Tuesday. One unexpected surprise after the next.   I’ve just now managed to dry my tears and muster the mental energy to write this message, (my apologies–my blog usually arrives first thing Monday & Thursday) but I felt it necessary, because I know that there is someone out there who feels my pain. 
I am so grateful (not so much in the moment, however) that I have loved ones strong enough to rebuke me and remind me of some important reminders:

  1. You have survived lots of bad days (and will do so in the future).
  2. Such attacks mean you are getting closer to your breakthrough.
  3. I have many accomplishments of which I should be proud.
  4. Focus on things that have gone right not the things that have gone wrong.
  5. It could always be worse.
  6. God gives His toughest battles to His strongest warriors.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, my guardian angels were right.
After lots of prayer, God did a wonderful work in me. I’ve reset my mind and have decided to focus my energy on the abundance in my life, not the lack. 
My choice: survive or thrive.  Your choice, too, sunshine.
I want to encourage you to do the same whenever you have a bad day, sunshine. Take one of these little nuggets of knowledge and keep your focus on the abundant blessings in your life. 
Here’s how I am choosing to make lemonade from my lemons:

  1. I have a great smile.
  2. I have a car to park in my garage.
  3. I have clothes to put in my dryer.
  4. My car still gets me where I need to go.
  5. My laptop is the tool that helped me create this message for you.
  6. The bills…? Well, I am still trying to identify the blessing in there…

What about you, dear one? What’s going in your world that needs a shift in perspective and focus?  How can I be a guardian angel to you?  I’d love to hear from you.

With abundant love,