I know it’s Sunday and you seldom get an email from me on The Sabbath, but I had to share my joy!
On September 1, I posted in my Faith-filled and Fit Facebook group:What are you celebrating from last month and what is your goal for September? I was floored by the number of responses and the many successes–each so amazing!
I was ecstatic! I mean like Tigger-bouncing-around-all-day-kind-of-excited! And then a few more messages and calls rolled in over this weekend with more success stories!
I just had to share a handful with you because it’s so inspiring to see women living their health His way–and you can, too, sunshine! 
Also, I had to share via email because I know that not everyone is on Facebook, so I wanted to give you an opportunity to read the responses, then share your own personal August success and September goal with me. 
Ok, enough excitement for today…take a read, then reply with your story and goal, too!
Looking forward to hearing from you, sunshine!
 P.S. Oh, and if you are on Facebook and would like to be part of Faith-filled and Fit, click here to request access. We’d love to encourage and celebrate with you, too, sunshine!