Last month, I did a vlog series about emails.
I referenced a line from business coach, James Wedmore.

He teaches that when creating a landing page, ad, blog, or any content, you need to create something that “Stops the scroll.”

Simply put: create a message that makes your audience pause and read and hopefully interact and take action! (Read: buy your offer)

So here’s the thing, as a coach who loves helping others create content and methods to build relationships with your audience, I am challenging you to a little experiment today.

Carve out 10 minutes and hop on to your favorite social media platform.
Then another 10 minutes to read through your inbox.

Start scrolling.
When do you stop scrolling?
What is it that makes you stop scrolling?

Is there an eye-catching image?
Specific colors?
A particular font or layout?
A video? 
Or is it the title that drew you in?

What were the elements that captured your attention and made you stop the scroll?

As you consider the times you stopped, connect the dots and identify any patterns that emerged. 

Ok, now here is the fun part.

With this market research, sit down and create your own content for the week ahead. After all, if it worked on you, it will likely get your audience to stop the scroll on your feed, too. Your vibe attracts your tribe, right?
LMK what you learn.