I’ve been known to be a little intense (don’t judge me) so it will come as no surprise that the ways I’ve planned on giving back through my ministry this fall are all compiling into finishing 2017 with a bang!

Below are three different Shine offerings to help you keep focused on Our Father and your health during this most wonderful time of the year.

I hope that you are able to make one or all of these programs at one point or another in the coming weeks, dear sunshine.

A December to RememberOn Mondays and Thursdays beginning tomorrow until Thursday, December 21, honor God (and your health!)  by giving the first 5-minutes of your day. Seriously–you can do 5 minutes, sunshine.
Click the link below tomorrow morning at 6:00a.m. EST to join the LIVE devotional. You will have a “takeaway” to keep your focus on Jesus and not the cookie trays in the office break room over the next few weeks.
Log in here!
12 Days of Fitness
Days 2-6 of 12 Days of Fitness continue tomorrow morning!Log-on to Shine with Frannie’s Facebook page every day this week at 6:30a.m.EST for a 12-minute FB LIVE workout to fix your focus on Him and boost your metabolism, too!Workouts are for all fitness levels.
Take me to the workout!

Muscle Motivation
Muscle Motivation is a 30-minute strength training workout hosted on Shine with Frannie’s Facebook page every Monday at 4:30p.m.EST.  All fitness levels are invited to join and weights are not a necessity.Can’t make it live, sunshine? No problem.
Visit the FB page and find the workout to do when it’s convenient for you.
Muscle Motivation