It’s such a novel concept.
The idea that we receive something from a generation before us because of a relationship or kindred connection is generous and beautiful.

What’s perplexing, however, is the idea of our current generation receiving an inheritance from the generation coming after us.
How is this so?

It is the legacy they continue.
The name they carry.
The way they act that reflects the rearing and love that has been poured into them through our present generation.
This is what we inherit from our children and our children’s children.

Today is Earth Day.
Of course I am an advocate for useful practices that can impact the earth (recycling, reusing, repurposing, composting, water usage/consumption reduction, etc…), but even more so, I encourage you to celebrate the legacy we will leave through a life of faith, trust, obedience and praise.

I can bet that if you’re a believer, you are an inheritance of another generation’s godly living and wisdom. And my highest hope and prayer is that you are living accordingly and that yours, too, can be inherited and borrowed for many generations yet to come.

“Children are an inheritance from the LORD.
They are a reward from him.”
Ps. 127:3-5 GW