Stop what you are doing right now and envision a pink elephant wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Betcha you have quite the visual, sunshine. 

The point is simple: words have power. 

Your brain (hardware) receives messages from your mind (software); these are thoughts. 

Thoughts become words.
Spoken words lead to actions.
Repeated actions lead to habits.
Routine habits lead to beliefs.
Belief systems lead to a lifestyle.
Your lifestyle is how you show up in this world. 

What thoughts are you thinking every day? 
Which words are you choosing about you? Others? 
What actions are you repeating day in, day out? 
What habits are you creating? Healthy? Not-So-Much?
Which routines are you establishing?
What beliefs stem from your routines? 
What is your current lifestyle?

Do you need to consider any changes to your thoughts, words, actions, habits, beliefs or lifestyle, sunshine?

Start at the beginning: transform your mind–the rest will follow.