So many people responded to my emails and posts of late regarding goals that you are working toward this fall. This is so awesome–I love being part of a community of God-seeking and goal-setting women! 

Many were weight loss related, and it lead me to wonder about you and your specific needs, sunshine.

If weight loss and overall health are among your goals as you round out 2018 and embark upon 2019, please take a few minutes to read and respond to the following by replying to this email:

1. 66% of Americans are currently on a diet.
Are you one of them, sunshine?
If so, for how long have you been on this diet routine?
And is there a particular program you’re following? (Whole 30, Keto, Wheat Belly, etc…)

2. 7:10 Americans claim that MORE willpower is the missing ingredient to their successful weight loss.
If you are struggling to “keep it off for good”, what do you attribute as the missing ingredient to your success?

3. There were many contributing factors that women identified as key to stick to their diet–setting goals was the highest at 46%. Planning meals and snacks was next at 37%, tracking calories was 32%, and close behind at 30% was being a part of a community/group with like-minded goals.
What is the rank for you, sunshine?
Are there others that help keep you focused?

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to respond to this message with your personal insight and experiences–we are in this together, sunshine!