In the Jewish religion, they are embarking upon an exciting holiday this week–Purim! 

Beginning sundown on March 16, they will celebrate the deliverance of the Jews from the Persians through the boldness and faithfulness of Esther.

A key to the victory was Esther’s 3-day fast. Similarly for us as Christians, this is a key to experiencing breakthrough in our own lives! Fasting is a 9-1-1 call to God!

In a recent podcast, I share details of fasting including, mentions in the Bible and its relevance and significance in our lives as we seek breakthrough and deliverance from strongholds.  

If you desire to break a stronghold and are feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit, I invite you to join in the 3-day-Esther fast beginning tomorrow!

You don’t have to fast from food, I share more about what you should fast from in episode #119–but remember, you are doing this to connect with God’s supernatural strength through our surrender of our natural fleshly desires! More on this in ep #119. 
Click the link below to listen and LMK if you’re joining in us in this fast!