columbia houseColumbia House is out of business.
Which of your thoughts need to be? 

I am a child of the 80’s. I own it. Big hair, pegged jeans, and a stone-washed cropped jean jacket covered in New Kids on the Block buttons. Not the best era of my existence, but good times nonetheless.
One of my fondest memories was coming home from school to new CDs that arrived via snail mail from Columbia House records.
You may or may not remember this amazing service, but it was cool and progressive.
In case you are unfamiliar or need a little refresher, the deal was an initial set of 12 CDs for a single penny (*see above for proof!). Then once enrolled, you’d receive a CD every month for $9.99 + s/h, unless you opted out. This was all well and good, except I was in 7th grade, so I was more focused on big bangs than affixing a stamp to a postcard to refuse my monthly music selection. The cool thing about this was that even when you forgot to send the card and a CD arrived, you could return it by simply writing, “Return to Sender” with a big X and drop it back in the mail.
Fast-forward to 2016. While Columbia House is resting in peace due to clicks of mouse, I have a pearl of Columbia House wisdom to share with you today, sunshine:
If a thought arrives and you didn’t order it, don’t want, and it doesn’t serve a purpose, send it back. It will serve no purpose sitting on your shelf; in fact, it will take up space for something more important.
Sometimes we are careless and allow thoughts to enter and take up residency in our minds, but they are not wanted nor are they helpful.
So as you go about your day today, sunshine, think about the thoughts you are thinking; are they worthy of thinking and living or do they need to be returned to sender?
With thoughtful love,