“From ‘You’re Fired’ to ‘That Girl Is On Fire'”

7 Practical Steps to Make a Seamless Transition in Any Area of Life

In this interactive ebook you will learn seven practical strategies
to make a seamless transition in any area of life. 

  • Reunite with your dream — don’t wait for it to be discovered 
  • Identify your mentors with a “four-to-follow-formula”
  • Create an actionable blueprint to achieve your G.O.A.L.S.
  • Earn extra income starting today! 

Everything You Need to be the Best Podcast Guest

What Every Podcast Guest Needs to Know

Rock the mic: Be the best podcast guest!

Tools make our lives easier. 
Think about a hammer, a bike, electronic entry keypads, apps! 

As a podcast agent, I’ve helped clients land appearances and grow their personal brands and businesses through podcast interviews.

Along the way, I’ve learned a number of things:

  • perfecting a pitch
  • the power of sending hand-written thank you notes
  • the importance of silencing your dryer buzzer before you begin recording
  • ways to amplify the podcast content for a month 
  • how to maximize the time spent researching by listening at 1.5x speed
These are but a few of the tools, tips, and hacks that I share in my
44 page ebook: Everything You Need to be the Best Podcast Guest.

With this tool, you will construct a rock-solid foundation and rock the mic as the best podcast guest! 

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