In a recent chat with one of my besties, she was telling me about a book she’s listening to on Audible. (I’m surprised I haven’t caught the Audible bug yet…some of my sisters live on that app! Are you hooked, too, sunshine?)

She told me that Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, reminded her of something I’d do. Personally, I haven’t read the book, so I can’t 100% endorse it, but from what my bff shared and what I’ve read on Jen’s website and Amazon, (and there’s even a Bible study on Lifeway!) the premise of the book chronicles her desire to remove excess from her life.

Hatmaker identified 7 areas that needed some purging and made 7 deliberate choices to combat the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence over the course of 7 months. (7’s a great Biblical #; it’s the number of completion.)

While I am not ready to commit to 7 months of purging, many of you know that around my birthday, I rally others to join me in a personal challenge. (My birthday is in October, sunshine–no pressure to send a gift–just join in the October challenge!)  And this book inspired my upcoming 43rd birthday challenge. (*Funny that 4+3=7!)

For the month of October, we are going to make room to grow and love and serve in bigger and more powerful ways.

Here’s what this looks like, sunshine.

Beginning October 1, we will commit to 7 days of one particular practice that will foster development in one of the many domains of wellness: spiritual, physical, professional, emotional, and social. (And yes, challenges will be released each week in this order.)

Each week on Sunday evening, I will send an email with a suggested practice for the week. (I typically send emails on Mondays, but for October, weekly blogs will be sent on Sundays. Also, did you know that there are 5 weeks in October this year?! Is that every year?! #imclueless)

That’s it.
Read the email on Sunday and pray about what this challenge looks like for you.
Then do it.
Show up for yourself.

I’m not checking in on you. I mean, I will encourage you with Thursday emails and on social media, but this is for you, sunshine.

One day at a time.
For 7 days.
Week by week.
For the month of October.

You can do this.

Oh, and as always, I love hearing from you and what you hope to achieve by joining these challenges.
Simply reply, and let me know that you’re in. 

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