I know that I am biased, but I would like to believe that my nephew is one of THE cutest kids EVER. Besides his handsome looks, he is adorably charming, possesses an adult-like candor, a shake-your-head-in-amazement-wit, and has the biggest, most generous heart–always offering me a seat next to him or a bite of his tasty treat of choice.

During a recent chat with his dad–my big brother, “B-Phats”–he shared Kenny’s latest “trick”–an American Ninja Warrior move that I was unfamiliar.

He sent me a video demonstration of this signature move, and I had to share.

In light of my recent blog post about Sara Blakely’s dad’s mention of, “I want you to fail at many things,” I thought this most poignant to share.

Have a watch–and ponder.

Upon a fall, not only does my brother encourage him to get back up, cheering him on, “I know you can do it!”, Kenny affirms, “At least I am ok.”

Just 6 years old, and this little whippersnapper gets it.

What is important is not that he fell, but he is ok–AND he has the tenacity to get back up and try again.

I applaud my brother and sister-in-law; they have created an environment where Kenny feels safe to explore, try, discover, and even fail. Forget the dirty walls or possibilities of a broken limb–they are more concerned with raising a resilient child–one that is willing to try, fail, succeed. 

Even if he never made it to the top, Kenny–in his innocence and resilience–is a success. 

He is already an American Ninja Warrior in my mind.

How are YOU creating a warrior–inside of you or someone else?

What are YOU willing to try?

How are YOU encouraging others to step beyond their comfort zones?

Be bold.

Be brave.

Be willing to fail at least one thing today.



I want to celebrate your successful failure with you.

Share it with me–you know where to find me.