I was at a conference in Dallas this past weekend and something the speaker shared sparked something within me.

She and her husband had a month-long challenge to drink nothing but water. They had numerous reasons for the nothing-but-water-cleanse, but her main takeaway was once they reintroduced coffee, tea, wine, and her favorite–cinnamon whiskey–they had a newfound appreciation for their other preferred beverages.

This resonated with me on many levels.

I never want to take water for granted.
Clean, running water inside of our houses with a mere twist of a handle–#blessedbeyondmeasure

Also, I thought about my most recent drink purchase–a $3.95 unsweet iced tea at the airport (which likely costs $.05.)  #simplewaystosave

And how often do I use beverages as a way of “filling up” when I’m still hungry (or bored)? #goforfuelnotfull

Finally, I thought about the month of March and the final days of preparation for Easter–I want more of Him and less of my desires. #Heisrisen

As if being knocked over by a wave, I decided–I NEED TO DO THIS.
And I am inviting you to join me, sunshine.

Beginning tomorrow, March 1-March 31, I am going to drink nothing but water.

It’s an act of worship. With every sip, I am reminded of Jesus’ truth: He is The Living Water. 

It’s an opportunity to pray for others. Whenever I’m temped to order something other than water, I’ll volley by praying for others who do not have indoor/nearby water sources.

It’s a savings experiment to see how much money I can save over the course of a month.

It’s a daily practice that can lead to a life-long healthy habit.

Who’s in?

If you want to go all in and join Quenched: A 31-day all water challengesimply reply to this email, and I will send random messages to the group through email during the month of March to keep you motivated and mindful of your commitment, sunshine.

Are you ready?
I’m excited to see what’s in store.