From start to finish, this 40+page guide book will help you with every aspect to be the ideal podcast guest:

  • 🎤 the necessary ingredients for the host to open your pitch (and read and respond to it!)
  • 😯 how to wow your host before and after your guest appearance
  • 📣 ways to amplify the podcast content for a month
  • ⏰ how to expedite your time spent researching (and listening to) podcasts
  • 🤫 Oh, and helpful tips like the importance of silencing your dryer buzzer before you begin recording

These are just a few of the many tips and tricks I’ve learned (and use) to land my clients on podcasts!

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Personalized Pitch

Hosts and podcast managers receive 100s of pitches each week (and 1000s of emails!)

What will make yours stand out?

  • 📝 A personalized pitch with the right words to get the host to click AND respond to your request

  • 📧 A subject line that will get the host to open and read your email

  • 🔗Key elements that define you as an industry leader, consummate professional, and great person to have in their network

We’ll hop on a call so I can learn about you, your brand, your industry and your audience, then I’ll get to work!

For $147, I’ll personalize a template that you can use again and again to pitch your favorite shows!

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Podcast Database

Researching podcasts is time consuming.  Your time is too valuable, so let me take that task from you, so you can do what you’re best at (and enjoy doing most!)

After an in-depth analysis of your personal brand, industry, and audience, I’ll prepare a comprehensive database so you’re ready to begin pitching your favorite shows:

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • 📈Research and identify 7 podcasts dialed in to your niche with your ideal audience members

  • 🗂Create a customized database 

  • 🗃Provide you with the data for each podcast (description, reviews, downloads, etc…)

  • 📧 Secure contact information for the producer/host

For $497, you will receive a comprehensive database that includes all essentials so you can begin pitching today!