Have you ever had a dream or idea that you thought was so outlandish that you were afraid to share it with others?
You keep it under lock down, trapped in your heart’s vault, fearing:

They’ll think I’m crazy! What if they judge me? Who am I to do that? Nobody would believe that I could do THAT! I don’t have any of those talents or skills. What if I fail?

That was me. Until today.
I am pressing through these fears and sharing my they’ll-think-I’m crazy-and-wonder-what-kool-aid-I’ve-been-drinking vision with you, sunshine. I figure, I’d rather have you think I’m cray cray than regret attempting my dream. And I know because I’ve experienced it firsthand in my life, God gives us dreams and desires for a reason, and He can do great and wondrous things, for with God all things are possible. (Jer 33:3 & Luke 1:37)
God placed a vision in my mind and desire on my heart six years ago while on a run for Frannie on Five. And finally today, I am dusting off that vision and putting it out there.
God is The Master of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things–that’s what Frannie on Five is all about. You and me, sunshine, sharing the stories of amazing things that are happening in our lives.
So take a few minutes to watch my raw and real video below, then drop me a line and share your thoughts, stories, insights in any and all of these five areas: fatih, philanthropy, fellowship (building relationships), fitness, and fun!
Now it’s time to shine. With love, love, love!