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“I was connected with Frannie through a mutual friend as someone who could help guide and mentor me on my entrepreneurial journey.  I had just left my day job and needed someone to help coach me as I navigated myself into the entrepreneurial world.  

As my coach she was very inspiring and empowering; she took the time to work with me 1:1 and really learned who I was as a person before learning about my business needs. She helped me identify my career goals and support me and my vision.  

Frannie held me accountable, and I was able to meet mini-goals and launch my business in a timely and successful manner.

Even though I am not actively working with Frannie any longer, she continues to check in and provide valuable and supportive feedback for my continued success.”


Founder and owner of Beautifully Nourished You

“Frannie Foltz will bring joy and success to your business, project, or goal.

As a person, she is honest, dependable, enthusiastic, and energetic. As a teacher, she knows how to re-frame a goal into achievable steps that are both personal and individual. As a business leader, she is tenacious, conscientious, and civic-minded.

Frannie is a “problem-solver” who will help you achieve your goals with purpose and meaning.”


Founder and Owner of One Amazing Carrot

“Frannie and I meet weekly to chat about where I am in various stages of my program development. Having the weekly accountability is so helpful to keep me focused and on task.” 


Found and Owner of Digital Animation for Kids, Easy Code for Kids, and Co-Founder of Clothing Crusade

In 2019 I had the pleasure of working with Frannie Foltz. I’m a food stylist and was hired multiple times by a company that Frannie worked for. She was responsible for keeping the creative team coordinated and on task for a variety of events. It is a hard thing to do when you are working in different time zones, with different personalities and different types of jobs. Frannie did it always with respect and professionalism but also with kindness! Her communication skills have allowed her to develop productive and nurturing working relationships with both co-workers and clients. I would highly recommend Frannie Foltz for any position that requires organization, speaking in front of the public and working with people with understanding and kindness! You will not find another person who has all the professional and organizational qualifications that Frannie Foltz can offer you.

Judean Sakimoto

Food Stylist

What People are Saying about “From ‘You’re Fired’ to ‘That Girl is on Fire'”

I just read this book and now I want to send a copy to everyone I know.
Frannie’s words resonate because she sees the essence of our souls just beneath the surface.
She shows us that we each have what it takes for big and small desires to be realized.
Frannie knows how to inspire us to be real.
I can think of a 100 real life scenarios where this book can help give the motivation and direction to help with self-awareness and to begin life-changing steps.
This book is terrific!

Cynthia Susi

5 Star Amazon Review

The excitement in Frannie’s writing paired with solid, specific, game changing ideas make this a quick read doable as you want answers from a woman who went through many hills and valleys to prepare and guide us through our own. The “homework” at the end of each chapter help the reader narrow in on your goal setting goals: score!


5 Star Amazon Review

Frannie Foltz shares glimpses into her professional and business journey. She also gives wisdom for anyone in transition and anyone with goals. There are also helpful interactive exercises at the end of each chapter for embarking on new endeavors. This little gem SHINES with bright ideas and specific calls to action. Get it and read it today!


5 Star Amazon Review

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