Over the course of the last few days, I’ve had some great conversations with dear friends that forced me to stop and think about some important big-picture-real-life questions.

The common question they each challenged me with was, “What do you want?”

Of course, with a wishful Christmas list in mind, I could recall 1000+ things that I wanted, but as I really sat with this question, I heard God speak loudly and clearly.

Of all of the things that I really want in my life in the upcoming year (and beyond), not a single item could be purchased from Amazon.
My list included:

More patience





Stronger relationships


Improved health
I share my intentions with you, dear sunshine, for a few reasons. To let you know that my heart is big for serving God and ministering to women and girls, but right now, my heart is in pain.

Over the last few weeks of my 34 days of prayer journey, God has revealed areas that I need to devote prayer, time and energy; the above list is a summary.

My heart is heavy and hurting and needs healing–work that can only be done by God and with Him at the center of it all. 

So, I am taking time to allow that to happen.

I am using this season of life to welcome calm, intention, stillness and love into my heart and life in big and powerful ways.

I am using this season as an opportunity of slowing down and sitting with God to clearly hear His voice and follow wherever He is leading.

I am using this season to get filled up, becoming stronger and more confident so I can tear down the walls and let love in.

Finally, I share this with you because I wonder if you might be at a similar place in life, sunshine?

If any of this resonated, I can venture that God is trying to speak to you today.

I encourage you to not only hear His voice but heed His call.
It might be time for you to press pause and pray. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, sunshine, and a New Year filled with lots of moments to practice the art of pausing and prayer, too. 


P.S. I will be sharing, posting, and blogging as The Spirit leads me during this season of pausing. I am not sure of the frequency or content, but I have no doubt that it will all be divine. I do know that my heart is on fire for the daily devotional, Single Serving, Double Portion, beginning December 26. There too many women needing the support this holiday season. If you would like to sign up, please do so by Friday, December 23.